Sandblast 440 Address: 2937 Rue Bergman, Laval, Qc, H7L 3Y5 Phone: 450-682-5777 Fax: 450-682-5554

Sandblast 440

Products and services

Our specialized facilities offer the appropriate solution for stripping or sanding your parts, this is with the bicarbonate of soda (soda), corn, nut hulls, plastic, beads from glass, steel shot or other media we have the know-how and experience.

Conscious of the environment most used media are recyclable or biodegradable.

The following media: Soda, but, nut shell are biodegradable.

We have facilities that allow the recovery of the following media: plastics, nut shell, glass ball, ball & steel shot.

Here are the details of our products and services:

  • The jet – cleaning Baking soda (soda)
  • Sandblast – Bicarbonate of soda (soda), corn, nuts, plastic shell, beads glass
  • Sandblasting – steel shot
  • Shot peening-Micro balls of steel
  • Liquid painting
  • Thermosetting powder coating paint ceramic